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Who We Are

Aasma Aerospace's Journey in Drone Innovation

We are an incubated entity at the prestigious IITKGP, driven by the aspiration to emerge as a frontrunner in the aerospace industry within the next decade. Comprising a team of highly motivated and skilled engineers, our collective objective is to foster the advancement and expansion of the commercial drone sector through the implementation of the Make in India initiative. In alignment with this endeavour, we are dedicated to bridging the divide between academia and industry by offering inclusive hands-on workshops focused on the construction and operation of drones. Moreover, our dedicated research and development division is diligently working towards establishing a comprehensive drone infrastructure, poised to enable swift and efficient responses during Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Our Mission

Aasma Aerospace's Mission and Vision

Our mission is to establish ourselves as India's premier indigenous brand in the commercial drone industry, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence and providing highly durable drone designs specifically tailored for the disaster management segment.

Aligned with our mission, our vision is to empower thousands of students, enthusiasts, and professionals by equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of drone mechanics and operations. Over the next three years, we aim to launch a diversified product portfolio comprising three distinct offerings, including a DIY drone kit, as well as FPV drones optimized for videography and photography applications.

Advancing Humanitarian Efforts

We strive to deploy drones for disaster response and relief operations, enabling quick and efficient aid delivery in times of crisis. By leveraging the power of drones, we aim to save lives, minimize damages, and provide critical support to communities affected by natural disasters or emergencies.

Empowering Economic Growth

Aasma Aerospace is dedicated to fueling economic growth by harnessing the potential of drones. We aim to provide cutting-edge drone solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in various industries such as agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, and more.

Promoting Environmental Stewardship

We recognize the significance of environmental conservation and sustainability. Through our drone technology, we seek to address ecological challenges, including wildlife conservation, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture.

Inspiring Innovation and Education

Aasma Aerospace is dedicated to inspiring innovation and fostering a culture of learning. We aim to ignite curiosity and passion for drones among students, researchers, and enthusiasts through educational programs, workshops, and collaborative initiatives.

Ensuring Safety and Ethical Use

Safety and ethical practices are at the core of our mission. We are committed to designing and manufacturing drones that adhere to stringent safety standards, incorporating features that prioritize secure operations and mitigate potential risks.